About the Korean Military Arts Federation:

KMAF Official Patch

The home of the traditional Korean military arts is Korea.  Korean Military Arts Federation (KMAF) is a worldwide membership organization, created and headquartered in Korea, to provide foreigners the opportunity to participate in the traditional Korean military arts at a level of training, education, and learning experience, consistent with that of residents within the peninsula.  All of this done to the exacting standards maintained within the homeland.

Organization Overview:

The Korean Military Arts Federation is committed to the worldwide growth of the traditional military arts of Korea. The Korean Military Arts Federation emphasizes the scientific application of techniques and implementing the highest teaching and learning standards in the world with a focus on Korean Military Arts History and Traditions.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Korean Military Arts Federation is to:

 Be a worldwide membership organization, for those living outside the Korean peninsula, who desire to participate in an officially-sanctioned, Korea-based traditional Korean military arts body.

Provide foreigners the opportunity to engage in military art training, education, and activities, conducted at the same level as those conducted within the peninsula.

 Allow members the opportunity to travel to Korea to participate in learning experiences and activities or to have the opportunity to have Korean Masters and Grandmasters conduct educational opportunities outside Korea under foreign sponsorship.

Allow foreigners the opportunity to obtain the same rank recognition, Master and Grandmaster certification, instructor licensing, and school licensing, as practitioners resident within Korea currently enjoy.

Provide members, of Dan grade, the opportunity for dual membership in one affiliate Kwon for each military art in which the member holds KMAF Dan grade.

 Establish and maintain a resident training center in the Republic of Korea; and, a training facility in and for any geographic region in which the KMAF membership base will sustain such a facility.

 Provide an integrated curriculum which supports a holistic learning experience in the full spectrum of education and training needed to become a true Korean military arts Master and practitioner; and, which is underwritten by academic authority.

 Act as a facilitator for practitioners of other military art traditions, or with impaired or pseudo-Korean credentials, to become a part of the mainstream traditional Korean military arts community, with valid credentials based upon demonstrated competence.

Serve as the representative, within the Republic of Korea, of the worldwide foreign community of traditional Korean military arts practitioners, trained to Korean standards and holding legitimate Korean credentials, advising and informing the officials within Korea as to the needs and concerns of the foreign practitioners.

Preserve a single worldwide standard for the traditional Korean military arts, a standard set by Korea and maintained by KMAF in the outside world.

Vision Statement:

The Korean Military Arts Federation is the most prestigious Korean Military Arts organization operating outside the Republic of Korea. It shall also become the largest, and shall provide instructors and practitioners – worldwide – the opportunity to train locally as if they were training in Korea.

Values Statement:

The Korean Military Arts Federation is committed to the development and growth of a worldwide body of classically-educated, self-disciplined, ladies and gentlemen not only competent as citizen-warriors, prepared to overcome physical threats of any nature, but even more importantly to be a person of honor.

We seek to accomplish this in a living laboratory in which all of our actions reflect the traditional values which are universal among civilized people and which represent the best of ourselves, our families, our countries, our culture, and our religious beliefs.

We seek to cause no one any harm as a result of being involved with us and to strive, in all we do, to never need to say to anyone “I am sorry” for something we have said or done, due to insensitivity, ineptness, inattention, or lack of wit. In all we do, we strive for the ideal.

Who Should Join:

There are three categories of persons or entities that should seek membership in KMAF.

(1)  Individual practitioners who seek personal affiliation with a traditional Korean military arts organization recognized by the Korean government and by the governing body for the military arts in the Republic of Korea. The proper applicant should also be aware that the study of the military arts is a subject for lifelong learning, even a lifestyle, and that the knowledges and skills of the military arts extend well-beyond mere techniques of kicking and punching, to which most foreigners are limited in their understanding.

(2)  Instructors who seek legitimate credentials as instructors in the traditional Korean military arts and who are willing to undertake the arduous process necessary to obtain such qualification. Instructors seeking proper credentialing should understand that instructor certification in Korea is a legal license and that few ethnic Koreans outside the Republic of Korea possess valid instructor qualifications, and far fewer foreigners. The requirements are rigid, the standards are high, and the process takes both time and considerable effort but, through KMAF, totally legitimate Korea-based instructor certification is obtainable for foreigners.

(3)  Schools, clubs, and training facilities willing to adopt the standards that exist in Korea as the standards that will be maintained by themselves. KMAF can take them there, over time, and by their own efforts. The concept is rather simple, i.e. there is only one set of standards within Korea for each military art. The Korea-based standards are the standards for that art – worldwide. The KMAF adheres to these standards – worldwide. If your school, club, or training facility does not even know what these standard are, how can you be said to be doing that art?

Benefits of Membership:

For the first time in the Korean Military Arts Federation’s prestigious history, membership is being offered to all ranks and styles worldwide. To join download the form from our application page. Complete the form and send it to our world headquarters with the appropriate fee for processing. Once you are a member you will receive your membership certificate and membership package that includes:

  1. Korean Military Arts Federation official patch
  2. Official Rank application form
  3. Annual Training Calendar
  4. Member Newsletter


All Instructors and School Owners Work Directly With the Korea Military Arts Federation World Headquarters in Korea.

Benefits Include:

  • Fast Professional Service & Support
  • Instructors Work Directly with our Korean Headquarters
  • Internationally Recognized Rank, Instructor, School, Style Certification
  • Specialized training for all Korean Military Arts
  • Residency Program & Cultural Exchange Tours
  • Eligibility to attend: Instructor, Master, and Grandmaster Certification Courses in Korea.
  • Special Courses in Korean Healing Skills, Martial Arts Weapons, Ki energy building, Law Enforcement & Military Defensive Tactics.

To enjoy the benefits of Korea Military Arts Federation Membership Join Today.